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Get your Apple AirPods painted in Black

black Apple AirPods

It’s rather hard to get one’s hands on the pricey Apple AirPods – the lightning pods’ company announced with the newly unveiled iPhone 7, which doesn’t get a 3.5mm jack. Apple couldn’t launch them due to technical issues back in September, and they were made available only until December, which left many iPhone7 users stranded to own one for themselves.

But what if you want to buy a new pair of AirPods, or wish they were in Black to complement your JetBlack iPhone. Well, you could get that done. A company called BlackPods allows iPhone users to buy AirPods in Black. Besides, if you already own the original white AirPods sold by Apple, they can also get them painted in Black.

black Apple AirPods

BlackPods is offering its Black AirPods for $249, which is $90 more than the original white ones sold by Apple at $159. Notably, the company, says these Black AirPods are the same manufactured by Apple, except for the Black paint job.

“At BlackPods, we’ve developed a proprietary coating system specifically for Apple’s AirPods. Our three-phase approach yields a luxurious scratch-resistant finish. BlackPods are the perfect complement to any Black, Jet Black, or Space Gray iPhone.”

iPhone users who already own the white AirPods can send them to BlackPods and get them painted in Black for $99, and get them back after three days.

But just like Apple, even BlackPods is trying to cope with the high demand for AirPods. Hence you’ll likely be on the waiting list.

“Every pair of customized AirPods we produce is hand-finished by a team of skilled artisans in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you purchase them through us or send yours in, each pair of AirPods is subjected to a rigorous visual and quality inspection.”

It’s also worth mentioning that readers are advised to contact the company before they go ahead and place their orders at BlackPods.