fujifilm square sq1 fujifilm square sq1

Fujifilm launches SQUARE SQ1 instant camera in India priced at Rs. 10,999

Photography buffs in India are in for a treat with the launch of the new Fujifilm instax Square SQ1 instant camera in India. The new SQ1 also beats the trend among the sea of instant digital cameras in that it is an analog square camera that can also print out the images instantly. The prints are in square format and are 1.5 times the size of what the instax mini cameras are capable of.

That apart, perhaps the biggest positive with the SQ1 is its ease of use and simplicity. It comes with automatic exposure and offers a one-touch selfie mode. The camera is designed to detect ambient light of the surrounding once the shutter is pressed. This, in turn, triggers just the right shutter speed and flash output to match the lighting condition to produce some amazing quality photos.

The ease of operation makes the new SQ1 the right choice for even first time users or those who’d like to have the perfect shots but aren’t eager to go into the intricacies of it all. The same goes for selfies as well as the camera comes with a unique selfie mirror that optimizes the focus and exposure for the best possible selfie shots in any given condition. Activating selfie mode is also simple as you just have to twist the lens after you have powered the camera on and you are ready for shooting selfies.

Fujifilm is targeting ‘the female youth’ as well as the ‘male millennials’ with the new SQ1 instant camera that also has an air of nostalgia about it as well. The camera is also about a minimalist design that is not only simple but is also super easy to use as well. Then there also is the enhanced functionality of instant prints that will let you have your shots printed in a square format in just 90 seconds.

Fujifilm said the launch of the new SQ1 instant camera is accompanied with a pair of new instax instant film types – instax SQUARE Rainbow film and instax SQUARE Monochrome film. The company said these are designed to further instigate creativity of the users with their square shots.

The camera is also available in exciting colour options of Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue, and Chalk White. Priced at Rs. 10,999, the camera is set to be available in India from September 24 via both Amazon and Flipkart.