Home News Leica launches its new M10-R rangefinder camera in India, priced Rs. 6.95,000

Leica launches its new M10-R rangefinder camera in India, priced Rs. 6.95,000

German camera maker of repute, Leica has launched the new M10-R rangefinder camera in India. The company said the new M10-R is the highest resolution camera in the M10 family so far and is the latest in the M10 rangefinder series.

Also, the new M10-R is unique in that it can shoot colour pictures. Its immediate predecessor – the M10 launched in India in January could only shoot monochrome shots. The ‘R’ meanwhile, stands for resolution denoting its higher resolution capability.

The M10-R shares a lot of similarity with its siblings, which includes the same basic looks and build. The battery and processor too are the same, as is the touch interface as well as the famed quiet shutter operation. What is different though is the new 40.89 MP CMOS sensor on the inside which has an ISO range from 100 to 50,000.

Another unique quality of the camera is the vastly reduced image noise and wider dynamic range that it provides, notwithstanding the high resolution that it offers. Special emphasis has been paid to low light photography, with the maximum exposure time now standing at 16 mins. These apart, the new camera is well suited for both landscape and architectural photography.

Leica also took the opportunity to highlight its M series of lenses as well, which it claimed are the best option if you wish to use the M10-R to its optimum potential. For instance, there is the new-gen APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH that can deliver superior quality images in varying conditions each time.

Also, as it is with all rangefinder cameras from Leica, much of the assembly and manufacturing process is done manually by highly trained staff at the company’s Wetzlar plant. This ensures robust build quality and optimum performance of the rangefinder cameras.

Unfortunately, the extensive use of human labour in the manufacturing process also leads to its high costs, which stands at Rs. 6,95,000 in India. Availability starts August 2020. The price quoted is inclusive of GST.