New Leica M10 Monochrom camera launched in India for Rs. 6,75,000

Leica Camera AG has announced the launch of the new Leica M10 Monochrom, a new 40-mp black-and-white compact digital camera that promises truly captivating shots in the widest possible lighting conditions. Leica is also claiming the new M10 to be the first black-and-white camera to have a sensitivity range spanning from ISO 160 to ISO 100000. Even with such a wide range in sensitivity, image quality continues to be consistent and of the highest quality at each level.

The company stated the new M10 Monochrom is also compatible with all Leica branded lenses to ensure the camera is able to tap into the vast array of lenses to ensure its applicability in almost any scenario. Among the other salient features of the new M10 include its discreet approach to photography. What that means is that shutter performance is the quietest in the entire ‘M’ family of cameras.


In fact, the discreet aspect seems to have been imbibed right into the camera’s looks as well. Leica said they have gone for an unobtrusive and minimalist theme for the design, to the extent that the company’s red dot logo too is missing. Rather, it’s the ‘Leica M10 Monochrom’ logo that has been engraved on the top plate of the camera. The lack of any color on the camera’s surface also seems to highlight its monochrome capabilities.

The M10 also comes with 2 GB buffer memory and supports the DNG and JPED data formats. Then there is space for SD cards that can add 2 GB of storage. The camera also boasts of a tough build which makes it quite fit to take in a bit of rough as well, all thanks to the die cast magnesium body along with brass for the top panel and base.

As for its price, it stands at a cool Rs. 6,75,000. The camera is already available on pre-order in India.


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