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Flipkart and Qualcomm partner to launch new HRX branded audio devices in India

Flipkart and Qualcomm have announced they are joining hands to launch a range of new audio devices in India. That includes a new range of HRX branded wireless audio devices comprising of two neckband audio devices and truly wireless earbuds. The new audio devices include the HRX X-Drops 9G, the HRX Wave 7R and the HRX X-Wave 14R.

HRX X-Drops 9G

Of these, the HRX X-Drops 9G is a truly wireless earbud, and at Rs. 2,999 is the costliest of the three. The earbuds are built around the QCC3020 Bluetooth audio SoC chipset and have quite a long battery life. Another unique feature of the new earbuds is its IPX7 rating, which makes it fit for usage even during workouts or when outdoors. The earbuds also make for a snug fit which adds to the ease in their usage. Color options with the earbuds include Cosmic Black and Galaxy Blue.

HRX X-Wave 14R

Next up is the HRX X-Wave 14R which comes in at Rs. 1,799 and is a neckband audio device. The neckband comes powered by the Qualcomm QCC3005 Bluetooth Audio SoC and boasts of a bass boost mode as well. Another unique feature of the HRX X-Wave 14R neckband happens to be its button activated voice assistant which adds to user convenience. The neckband is available in Space Gold, Supernova Blue and Comet Red color options.

HRX Wave 7R

Thereafter, it is the HRX Wave 7R on offer, and at Rs. 1,499, it is the cheapest of the new HRX branded trio of audio devices on offer. The neckband is based on the QCC3003 Bluetooth audio SoC and is another one to come with the button activated voice assistant feature. The neckband is available in Mars Red and Mystic Black color options.

All the new HRX branded audio devices feature Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology, which the chipmaker said acts to cancel out the background noise and echo. This allows for a top-quality audio experience san any external disturbance.