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Here are five of the best wireless headphones under Rs. 2k in India

Bluetooth earphones are the latest craze among music lovers. And why not given all the benefits that it comes to offer over the standard wired headphones. Prime among those is of course the mobility that it provides for as you are no longer tied to the device the headphones are attached to.

They have good battery backup times too and are ergonomically designed to suit most user types. Not to mention, it also ranks right up there when it comes to sound quality. Lastly, they are easy on your pockets too.

Mentioned here are some of the best wireless neckband earphones you can have for less than Rs. 2000.

  1. Wings Glide:

Wings Glide

The Wings Glide earphones from Wings Lifestyle is as much about style as it is about superior quality audio output. It boasts of HD Bass which provides for clean vocals which combined with the rich acoustics provides for a truly immersive listening pleasure.

The Wings Glide earphones also comes in four attractive shades of Black, Blue, Burgundy and Olive Green. That together with the matte finish translates to something that you will love to have around your neck. Battery backup time is also quite excellent at 6 hours after only 1.5 hours of charging. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Price is Rs. 1,199.

  1. Mivi Thunder Beats:

Mivi Thunder Beats

The Mivi Thunder Beats is an in-ear canal phone-style pair of Bluetooth headphones that provides for a secure fit into your ears. They have magnetic locks too which also ensures they remain tied around your neck securely. The earphone has a frequency response range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz and boasts of deep bass and clear vocals.

Another unique quality of the Mivi Thunder Beats headphones is its sweatproof design that makes it well suited for use during workouts. The metallic build looks stylish too while you also get three sets of earbuds to suit your ear type. The integrated microphone also makes it easy to respond to calls while it will lasts 10-hours on a single charge.

Price is Rs. 1,299.

  1. Boat Rockerz 255:

Boat Rockerz 255

The Boat Rockerz 255 headphones offers excellent audio output with deep bass effects. Its 110 mAh battery last long and can provide for 45 mins of usage after just about 10 mins of charging. The headphone supports Bluetooth 4.1 and can be easily connected with a host of devices across several platforms.

Colour options with the headphone include Black, Neon, Ocean Blue and Raging Red. Build quality is excellent too while still being lightweight and handy. Makes for the perfect style statement as well.

Price is Rs. 1,499.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphones:

Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Sporting nice ergonomic design, the Mi Sports headphones offer excellent sound quality while also having stylish looks to it as well. The magnets at the end of the earbuds ensure they stick together when not in use. A multi-function button on the neckband will let you control power.

Battery is rated at 120 mAh that should allow for about 6 to 7 hours of usage on a single charge. On the whole, it is easily among the best in the sub-2k price category.

Price is Rs. 1,699.

  1. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth: 

Realme Buds Wireless in Ear Bluetooth

This happens to be the first wireless headphones from Realme and boasts of superior quality among its peers. The headphones come with built-in magnets that holds the two earbuds together when not in use, thereby making it easy to carry aroundwhen not in use. The Realme headphones also features reinforced and breaks resistance synthetic fiber which makes it quite durable and tough to withstand rigours of daily usage easily.

The earbuds are made from high-quality soft rubber material which makes it easy to wear for even long hours comfortably. It might be the costliest of the lot here but justifies the higher price with its high quality yet tough build, superior sound output and superb battery life.

Price is Rs. 1,799.