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Five reasons why to lease a BMW 320i Sedan


BMW cars are known for their fashion, style, and performance. When planning to lease a car, a BMW should be on top of your list of options. Perhaps you’re perplexed on which BMW model to choose a Bakersfield dealership of the Germany manufacturer. The BMW 320i sedan is a wonderful option. There’re various reasons why to consider a BMW while taking out a lease. You will enjoy a luxurious ride without spending too much on upfront fees. Check out these 5 reasons why to lease a BMW 320i Sedan.

Unmatched customer satisfaction

BMW is one of the market leaders in the luxury vehicle market worldwide. Regardless of the duration of your lease, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the performance of the BMW 320i Sedan. At the end of your lease, you’ll eagerly look forward to another Beemer. The customer satisfaction from driving a BMW is only matched by Mercedes Benz.


Qualified and excellent service

With a BMW leased from an endorsed Bakersfield dealership, you’’ be sure to receive qualified and excellent service of your car. The vehicle will come with a warranty on parts based on the age of the car. you might even benefit from free repair where you just have to pay labour costs. With this, you will enjoy a more pleasant experience on the road in your Beemer.

A chance to drive a better car

When you acquire a BMW 320i on lease, it’s a wonderful idea to drive a car beyond your means. Perhaps the amount you had would have been enough but not this particular BMW model. You’ll only be required to pay for the vehicle depreciation for the lease period but not the value of the car. This is because you don’t own the car. It means lower monthly periods compared to other means of financing a car.

Amazing ride in this beautiful car

BMW is famous for its top of the range of beautiful models. And, the BMW 320i is no exception. This car will catch everyone’s attention wherever you go. A ride in a Beemer is a status symbol that everyone looks forward to. The BMW 320i is incredibly beautiful enough to attract long stares from everyone who catches a glimpse of this Beemer on the road. It comes in a variety of exterior colours to choose one that catches your fancy.

Better technology and safety features

A BMW 320i comes with the latest in-car technology from the Germany manufacturer.  Safety features as the passenger airbag and rear head airbag offer a safe drive. For entertainment, this Beemer comes with HD radio, auxiliary audio output, an optional Wi-Fi hotspot and satellite radio. The BMW 320i comes fitted with an onboard hands-free communications system for easy navigation. Additionally, this car is good for the whole family with child safety locks.

When considering leasing a car, the BMW 320i is such a wonderful choice. You’ll enjoy the combination of the manufacturer’s top-notch quality with the benefits of leasing. You just have to visit a Bakersfield BMW dealership to lease this Beemer today.

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