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Facebook Messenger introduces 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s

Facebook has added 3D Touch functionality to version 79.0 of its mobile Messenger on iOS. The new 3D Touch feature enables users on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to preview contacts, messages, images, videos, stickers, links, and locations while using the app.

For instance, if you hard tap on the Messenger icon, you will be able to quickly jump to not only read recent conversations but also share Messenger code.

To work with the new update, you can quickly access 3D touch shortcuts by tapping on the relevant app icon on the home screen. These shortcuts enable users to quickly access messages, conversations with select contacts. Moreover, you can instantly navigate to the new message screen, where you will be able to select contacts, compose and deliver new messages.

From within the Facebook Messenger app, you can directly press on the required conversations to “Peek” into them. If the selected message is pressed hard, then you will be able to read the complete conversation.

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In the same way, you can press on link and images to sneak through and preview them within the app and upon pressing harder on them, the relevant message will be loaded completely.

Facebook, meanwhile, borrowed a feature from Instagram to migrate from a chronological listing of recent conversations/messages to a so-called relevant one, which makes use of an algorithm to prioritize messages for users.

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In the meantime, the Menlo Park-based company is also considering a proposal to implement a new feature with which the messages automatically disappear after a specific period of time similar to that of Snapchat. In 2013, Snapchat declined to accept a $3-billion cash buyout offer from Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook.

In April 2016, Facebook revealed that over 900-million users make use of its Messenger on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platform. To work with Facebook Messenger, you need access to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7 or later. Available in several languages, the app requires 109 MB storage space.