facebook-messenger-spotify-music-integration facebook-messenger-spotify-music-integration

Facebook Messenger update brings integration with Spotify music features

An updated Facebook Messenger app brings integration with Spotify music features. Facebook had earlier announced Messenger would now integrate music features from Spotify. Facebook started rolling out the updated version of the software to iOS and Android users. It will be the first messenger app to include music sharing and services.

To share a song or a playlist through Facebook Messenger, one needs to tap on the ‘More’ tab and hit ‘Spotify’ which will pull up their Spotify app. Recipients of the songs, tracks or playlists will be able to view them in their Spotify app, and not in the native Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook mentioned in a post that the integration would allow users to let their friends know what tracks they favour at the moment. The company also offers integrated services from other providers on their messenger app, as with ‘Uber’ for taxi rides and with ‘Pro.com’ for home-improvement.

Spotify emerged victorious as a digital music services provider, garnering a following of 30 million paying customers, larger than Amazon’s music services. The music services provider was recently integrated into Amazon’s Echo- Voice Assistant and compete with the biggies such as Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

Facebook announced that users can expect enhancements and changes to the way Spotify interacts with their messenger app in the days to come.

Featured Image: TechCrunch