Facebook Messenger now let you send ‘Virtual Flowers’ & Stickers on Mother’s Day

Facebook Messenger

Facebook announced on the 4th of May that it would add a new feature to its messenger application for Mother’s Day. The new feature will allow users to decorate either their texts, photographs, GIF’s among other media with floral designs and virtual bouquets.

The said feature will not work on desktop versions of a Facebook’s Messenger application or on Windows 10. Only devices running on iOS and Android platforms will experience the feature for a short period. To commemorate Mother’s Day which is to be celebrated on the 8th of May 2016, Facebook will introduce the new feature from the 7th through the 9th of May.

You must ensure that you have the latest version of Facebook’s Messenger app installed on either your Android or iOS device. When introduced, you will see a new floral icon coloured in purple right besides your text-box. Selecting it will super-impose bright and colourful floral imprints on your messages. You could try the same with your momentous photographs, apt GIF’s and voice recordings. The floral imprints add a sense of warmth and happiness to your virtual wishes and appear towards opposite corners of your chat bubble in the conversation.

Facebook intends to celebrate Mother’s Day by letting its users send their loved ones, mothers, maternal figures and others parenting their own children warm wishes with vivacious virtual flowers that are free of cost but burn lasting memories through time.

Facebook has also introduced a new sticker pack, Motherly Love, so you can express how you’re feeling about moms, motherhood and maternal figures in just the right way. You can see and download the new pack (for free) here: http://bit.ly/1WGGBSH

A well detailed silent video of a mobile screen running the Messenger application is available to watch. It details the user type out a message, hit the new icon to florally decorate the message, which confirms that the text will be decorated with flowers, before he sends out a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ wish accentuated with a cluster of three flowers: pink, mauve and yellow. The new feature automatically decorates your messages and doesn’t allow you to pick from a list of flower or bouquet styles.

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