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Facebook, Instagram and NBC team up for Rio Olympics 2016

Facebook and Instagram have collaborated with NBC to cover and broadcast the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics that is going to start this month in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. To get real time videos, a Social Command Center has been set up in the city.

A notification asks the users to click to get live updates and videos when they log in to the app. Reports say that the highlights of the Rio Olympics 2016 including interviews will also be made available to Facebook users in the US.

Social Times reported that Instagram users would also be able to view a slow-motion video of around two minutes with all the highlights at the end of the events of the day. The report also said that the commentators of the NBC Olympics would be online through the @Instagram handle to direct users to the highlights through the search and Explore video channels.

Facebook users can do a simple search for Rio 2016 to see what others are sharing, including recent photos from the Games. Users will also be able to look at Events to watch the Games nearby. Olympic Games will kick off on August 5, and will go on until August 21.

Twitter recently introduced followable moments and a couple of other means to tune into the Olympic news through its network.

The network has also brought back profile frames to allow users to express support for the teams that they’re supporting. On the other hand, the recently acquired app MSQRD, allows the Facebook users to overlay country flag masks on photos and videos, for the same purpose.

The giant in blue and white of the social media has also brought in an interesting feature, where it allows users to personalize their news feed. They can put the games related news above others.

Earlier this year, FB also rolled out ‘Sports Stadium’, a section where fans can enjoy play-by-play coverage of their favorite matches, view comments from friends, and analysis by experts, and analysts, and keep a tab other game and play information. But this page is difficult to locate if it isn’t shown on the home page.

When it comes to navigation, Twitter is a little less difficult to handle. However, Facebook and Instagram have a much wider reach. The competition on social media may not be as fierce as on the tracks, but they sure will increase the entertainment factor.


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