Efinix Launches Titanium Ti375 FPGA for Enhanced Edge Computing Efinix Launches Titanium Ti375 FPGA for Enhanced Edge Computing

Efinix Launches Titanium Ti375 FPGA for Enhanced Edge Computing

Discover the capabilities of Efinix’s new Titanium Ti375 FPGA, designed for high-performance edge computing with advanced features for diverse applications.

Efinix has recently announced the release of its new Titanium Ti375 high-performance FPGA, now available in sample quantities to early access customers as of April 8, 2024. This release marks a significant enhancement in FPGA technology, optimized for high-performance computing applications at the edge.

The Titanium Ti375 is built on an advanced 16 nm process technology and incorporates a comprehensive suite of features designed for a diverse range of applications. This FPGA integrates a quad-core hardened RISC-V block capable of over 1 GHz, which is Linux-capable with a memory management unit and floating-point unit. It also includes high-speed quad SerDes transceivers that support up to 16 Gbps, accommodating multiple protocols such as PCIe® 4.0, Ethernet SGMII, and Ethernet 10GBase-KR. Moreover, the device is equipped with dual embedded PCIe® Gen4x4 controllers and dual hardened LPDDR4/4X DRAM controllers, which enhance its capacity for handling high bandwidth requirements.

Efinix’s new FPGA sets itself apart by delivering exceptional power efficiency and high compute capabilities in compact package footprints. The device ranges from 35,000 to 1 million logic elements, making it versatile for applications in machine vision, video bridges, automotive, communications, and more. The company highlights the Ti375’s capability to replace custom silicon, thereby supporting the fast-evolving models used in AI and contributing significantly to advancements in edge intelligence.

This launch is timed with the embedded world Exhibition & Conference, set to take place in Nuremberg, Germany, where Efinix will showcase live demos of the Ti375. According to company representatives, this product is poised to transform edge computing by offering a unique combination of power, performance, and size that meets the rigorous demands of next-generation edge applications.

For those interested in the deeper technical aspects and potential applications of the Titanium Ti375 FPGA, further details can be explored at Efinix’s official website or by attending their presentation at the upcoming conference.

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