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DRmare Audio Converter Review

All of us love some type of music and listening to music helps us in getting many tasks done with better concentration and interest. Thanks to modern electronics such as televisions, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., playing music wherever you are isn’t a headache anymore.

However, one major issue that arises while trying to play music files across devices is its format compatibility. Not all audio file formats are supported by all devices, this means that the audio format supported by your smartphone need not necessarily be supported by your television as well.

Another issue commonly faced by people who download music files is the DRM restriction issue. While trying to download and play audio files from popular online sources like iTunes and Audible on any other device, you will face a DRM error, which is basically a copyright protection mechanism that prevents the audio files from being downloaded from being played on any other device.

If you are looking for an all-rounder audio converter software for your Windows or macOS computer that lets you not only convert audio files to other file formats but also helps you to remove the DRM protection on music files, then the DRmare Audio Converter is what you need.

What is DRmare Audio Converter?

DRmare is a must-have software tool for people who loves to download audio files and listen to them across all their devices. The DRmare Audio Converter, as the name suggests, is popular as a file format conversion tool for audio files. Apart from that, the software also lets users remove the DRM protection on their audio files so that they can play the files on any device of their choice.

Features of DRmare Audio Converter

Now let us take a detailed look at the features supported by DRmare to give you a better understanding of the software.

  • Convert Audio Files from Popular Sources: The DRmare Audio converter tool lets you convert audio files from all popular sources such as Apple Music, Audible, iTunes, etc. The software is among the top-rated Apple Music Converter tools on the internet.
  • Support for both Windows and macOS: The software supports both Windows and macOS operating systems. So, all you need to do is download and install the version for your operating system.
  • Support for All Popular File Formats: All commonly used audio file formats including M4P, AA, AAX, MP3, FLAC, etc. are supported by DRmare. This ensures that you can choose audio files from any source of your choice and convert them to a file format that supports the device you wish to play the file on.
  • Easy DRM Removal Tool: As we mentioned earlier, the DRmare Audio Converter software is also a very efficient DRM remover tool. So, if you are facing any DRM protection issues with the audio files you download, you can easily bypass DRM protection using this software.
  • 30x Faster Processing: No matter whether you are converting audio files or removing DRM protection, the DRmare software processes tasks up to 30x faster than competing tools. This high-speed conversion is attained with the use of complex algorithms that process files faster than usual.
  • Lossless File Conversion: Loss in quality is something that all of us have to deal with while converting audio files from one format to another. Well, with the DRmare Audio Conversion software, that won’t be a problem anymore. The algorithms implemented within the software also ensures 100% lossless file conversion at all times.
  • Customize Audio Output Quality: Before actually converting audio files, you can also modify parameters such as sample rate, bit rate, codec, and channel, to ensure enhance the quality of the output file.
  • Edit Audio Files: DRmare also offers users the ability to cut/split audio files to smaller segments. Moreover, you can also edit the ID3 of the files before conversion as well.

How to Remove DRM Protection and Convert Audio Files using DRmare Audio Converter?

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide that takes you through how to remove DRM protection and convert audio files from one format to another using the DRmare Audio Converter software.

  1. To begin with, download and install the DRmare Audio Converter software from here on your computer.
  2. Once installed, launch the software on your computer.
  3. Import the audio files you wish to convert. add audio win
  4. In the next step, select the file format to which you wish to convert the audio files. audio format win
  5. On the bottom of the DRmare software window, select the output folder where you wish to save the converted files.
  6. Click on the button on the right bottom corner of the window and wait for the conversion to complete.

And Viola! You have now successfully converted audio files and removed DRM protection using the DRmare software. During the conversion process, the DRM protection will automatically be removed for the audio files. You can also edit the audio files and/or change its parameters before proceeding with the conversion.

Final Words

The DRmare Audio Converter software is a reliable tool for anyone who plays with audio files a lot. If you are an audiophile who loves to download and listen to music across all your devices or if you are someone who loves editing audio files, the DRmare software is a must-have addition to your software suite.

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