In today’s time, Logo’s play a very crucial role, they are not just brands identify but define their values and culture as well. This is why having the right logo for your brand is necessary. Now getting a good designer is hard and costly at the same time. This is where DesignEvo comes into picture.

DesignEvo is an easy to use online logo maker that enables users to create professional looking logos in a comfortable way. DesignEvo comes with a multiplatform support, so you can essentially make logos on your PC, Tablet or smartphone. There are a bunch of categories to choose logos from depending on your Business needs, which can be edited to suit your needs.


*The logo you see above was made using DesignEvo.*


Tons of Icons

DesignEvo has tons of premade icons that can be tailored according to your taste. Try putting some keywords into the search bar, the smart search engine will provide you with the relevant icons instantly. Once you are done with the icon selection, you can narrow down the font style. DesignEvo provides close 100+ font styles which gives you the functionality to perfectly match the icon and font aesthetics.

Premade Templates


This is very helpful for people with no clear picture of their logo in mind. DesignEvo has 5000+ logo templates in close to 18 categories ranging from Art to Hotels. Once you have selected the logo, just click on the template and start editing. During the editing process you are given the same set of features that are mentioned in the Icons section.

Preview and Download

After the completion process, there is an option to preview logo, wherein DesignEvo provides you a rough idea of how your logo would look like on a Business card or Letter Head. This feature is nifty as it provides you a clear picture of what the logo will look on your branding material. When everything has finished, you can download your logo.

You get the logo file in multiple formats and fonts are included just in-case you try to change the logo in any other 3rd Party editor.


As is the case with many other services, there are two types Free logo and Paid logos. With the Free logo, you can download the logo for free but the resolution will be less. Consider this as a trial version, there isn’t much that can be done with the low quality image.


Then there comes the paid logo, wherein you get high resolution images in various formats. The plus side is you get lifetime support and copyright of the logo.

For more pricing details visit : DesignEvo

Verdict – Should you go for it ?

DesignEvo is really a useful tool that offers you a chance to create logos hassle free and in a professional manner. It is most ideal for small business or individuals who do not wish to with a more conventional route of hiring a designer but wish to take matter in their own hands.

We totally recommend this to people looking to create stunning logos without breaking a sweat or your bank.