Borofone BE10 is one innovative in-ear headphones with a little modular touch to it. These in-ear headphones fill that tiny gap between the mono-Bluetooth headsets for calling and wireless headphones for music. Borofone BE10 transforms into a Bluetooth headset or in-ear headphones in just a snap. It started as a project on Kickstarter, became an actual product, and now we have these headphones here for testing. Let’s see how these headphones stand out among thousands of other wireless in-ear headphones already in the market.

Inside the Box

Everything inside the box is well placed on a plastic tray. You will get the in-ear headphones, the modular earpiece, hard carry case, ear hook for the Bluetooth headset module, set of three sized ear tips, micro USB cable for charging and the documents.
Design and build


Borofone BE10 in-ear wireless headphones have a unique design which I haven’t seen before on any pair of earphones before. The earbuds are made out of plastic and the ear tips and angled for a better fit. The wire is transparent, thin and very lightweight, probably to reduce the overall weight of the headphones.

Borophone 4

The wire needs to be adjusted so it will become wearable like a necklace around the neck. It can also be being used other way around, but the necklace trick is very comfortable and keeps the buds in place. The main Bluetooth module has the volume controls, the power button and the microUSB port for charging.


Borofone BE10 is decent in-ear headphones with crisp and clear sound but with low volume. The lows and mids from the headphones are crystal clear, but the highs are affected because of the low output from the drivers. In a layman’s language, listening to metal, blues and pop are tremendous but the while listening to hip-hop or electronic music the “greatness” starting to fade out.

Borophone 3

Coming to the performance, Borofone BE10 is very comfortable in ears, it never hurts the ears even after very long usage (yes I did!). Connectivity is not a problem, to be honest, this is the best Bluetooth connectivity I have ever experience on any pair of headphones. The range is excellent with the least stutter if the headphones are going out of range.

Borophone 2

The battery backup of these headphones is really amazing; it takes time to charge it fully. And once fully charged, the headphones go up to six to seven hours of continuous usage.


The best part about these headphones is that you can use them either way; you can use them as regular wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones, or you can transform them into a mono Bluetooth headset. There is a Bluetooth module with the controls and everything which can be snapped into a mono output or the stereo in-ear headphones.

The Bluetooth module connects to the mono, or the stereo output gets connected via micro USB port. There is a female microUSB port on the module which connects to the other modules via the male micro USB port on them.


  • Can be used as Bluetooth headset or in-ear headphones
  • Great battery backup


  • Sound output is a bit low


The Borofone BE10 is the best which ever happened in the wireless in-ear headphones market. The transformation part is impressive where it can be used as wireless Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth headset for calls. And for the sound performance part, if you are not a fan of ear piercing loud music then these pair of headphones are best for you.

You can check their Kickstarter Project page as well.

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borofone-be10-reviewThe Borofone BE10 is the best which ever happened in the wireless in-ear headphones market. The transformation part is impressive where it can be used as wireless Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth headset for calls.