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BlitzWolf BW-ES 1 In-ear Headphones Review: Designed for the Bass Head

When it comes immersive audio experience, the audiophile audience around the globe forced to buy the high-end earphone. The reason is quite simple; you cant get that dynamic frequency response in a low or mid-range earphone. But it seems that the scenario has been changed now, the renowned audio brand has launched BlitzWolf BW-ES 1 headset which claims to provide exceptionally great sound for its price.


The BlitzWolf BW-ES 1 earphone come in a sleek black cardboard packaging. In the box, you will find a zipped pouch contains an earphone, a user manual, warranty card, and two pairs of silicon earbuds. All these contents placed in some kind of cushion padding.


  • Driver- 10mm.
  • Power capacity- 5mW.
  • Impedance- 32ohms.
  • Frequency Response- 20-20000Hz.
  • Cord length- 1.2m.
  • Weight- 15grams

Built and Design

The BlitzWolf BW-ES 1 ear tips packs in a metal housing supported by 60 degrees of an angled nozzle that offers comfortable and solid fits. The earphone offers pain-free prolonged listening sessions. The back of the casing provides good grip due to its chamfered design. The silicon earbuds are soft and provide nice fits in an ear canal. The cable is made from a TPE material which offers excellent durability. A velcro cable organizer also enriches the earphone cord.

Sound Quality

The BlilzWolf BW-ES 1 packs with a 10mm graphene drivers which deliver excellent bass and crisps lows. The mids (vocal) response is quite warm, and it may not be suited for vocals audiophiles lovers. Moreover, the bass is energetic and punchy, we have gone through some high bass EDM tracks and earphone performs exceptionally well. Coming to the highs/treble, the BW-ES 1 produce brighter highs with high dynamic range. All in all, the headset offers great frequency range, especially on heavy bass tracks.


The metal cased ear tips finishing is done by soft sandblasting and it’s precise chamfered design is created by CNC machine. The BW-ES 1 earphone is packed with a 10mm driver specially designed for the bass head masses. The driver unit contains a graphene composite membrane which is insanely thin and it does not require any dampening and it enhances audio range and efficiency.

The cable is durable and mostly tangle free. The in-line controller contains three buttons that allow users to control volume up/down, play/pause/skip songs, and reject/answers call. The earphone plug is made from metal and protected by a 24k gold plating to prevent oxidation.


  • Punchier and deep bass delivery.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good noise isolation


  • Subpar mids/vocal response.


The BlitzWolf BW-ES 1 offers a comfortable fit and great sound quality at a reasonable price. The rivals like Sennheiser CX-3.00 and Brainwavz offers greats vocal and mids but lacks in bass delivery. So, for the bass head lovers, this could be the better option at this point in time. These earphones are available on Banggod.com just for INR 790.