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Best insurance plan for laptops


Just like our Smartphones, our laptops are also an integral part of our daily life and indeed as a place higher than our Smartphones. Also, laptops don’t come cheap and do cost a lot of money. Therefore it is a good idea to get insurance for our laptop to make sure that in case it gets damaged, the cost of repairing or replacing the laptop does not become a burden for us.

Should You Get a Laptop Insurance?

Well, laptop insurance is generally a good idea for all laptop owners so as to benefit from not having to shed the entire amount for replacing or repairing the laptop in case it gets damaged.

However, laptop insurance is something that is not to be avoided for people who travel a lot with their laptop and people whose work depends very much on a laptop.



What are the Benefits of Laptop Insurance?

Apart from helping you to repair or replace your laptop in case of accidental damage, there are other benefits of having laptop insurance.

Many laptop insurances cover loss and theft of the laptop which means that in case your laptop gets accidentally lost or stolen, you can make use of your laptop insurance to get yourself a brand new one.

Another important claim covered by laptop insurances is hardware protection which offers protection in case some hardware component in your laptop gets damaged or broken. In this case, if you need to dispose of your damaged laptop, make sure you do it responsibly. Use services of companies such as All Green and preserve the environment. Laptop insurance also protects the laptop against damaged due to natural causes like a flood, fire, etc.

The greatest benefit of having laptop insurance is that even the best insurance plan for laptops are way cheaper than getting your laptop repaired or replaced.

Best Insurance Plan for Laptops:

Below are some of the best insurance plans for laptops.

  1. Manufacturer Insurance:
    Almost all laptop manufacturers like Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, etc., offer insurance protection for their laptops. Most of the manufacturer insurance cover accidental damages and issues related to the hardware of the laptop. Also, many manufacturer insurances for their laptops also feature on-site inspection and repair of your laptop in case of an accident or mechanical failure. Do check out on your laptop manufacturer’s website or official store to get more details on the insurance.
  2. SquareTrade: SquareTrade is one of the best insurance for laptops out there and is used by people owning laptops from different manufacturers. The SquareTrade insurance for a laptop can be bought from the Amazon website. The insurance coverage is for 3 years and includes accidental damage and electrical failure. Another benefit of SquareTrade insurance for laptops is the price of SquareTrade insurance is low compared to manufacturer insurance.
  3. Costco Insurance: Costco is also among the best insurance plans for laptops. Costco offers separate insurance plans for HP laptops and non-HP laptops. Do note that even under insurance for HP laptops, not all HP-made laptops are included. Costco insurance for HP laptops is valid for 2 years whereas Costco insurance for non-HP laptops is valid for 3 years.

Final Words

Hope you found the above article on the best insurance plan for laptops informative. Always make sure that you completely understand the claims and pricing of the laptop insurance that you choose before making the purchase.