Home News iPhone 7 Plus reportedly explodes in China after accidental drop

iPhone 7 Plus reportedly explodes in China after accidental drop

iPhone 7 Plus explode

Apple iPhone 7 Plus has exploded in China after an accident involving drop. According to reports, an iPhone 7 Plus exploded in the Yunnan province, Southwest China. The incident occurred when the handset accidentally hit the ground. As a result of the shock from the impact, the phone caught fire.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus emitted a huge amount of smoke and severe vibrations. The display got shattered and detached from the main body. The first render of the exploded iPhone 7 Plus shows a badly damaged display with white patches all over the panel.

Even though the power and volume rocker buttons are visible, the two sides got damaged. Moreover, we can see pieces of parts damaged due to fire. You can see the damaged display as well.



Although the rear side of iPhone 7 Plus is not damaged severely, the phone cannot be used anymore because of the severe problem caused to the display and other internal parts as a result of shock


Another image shows the left and right side of the internals. They are charred beyond usage.


The recent incident is the fourth case of iPhone 7 explosion. The previous cases were reported during transit of iPhone 7 Plus, while the owner was capturing a video. There was also a report that iPhone 7 Plus exploded inside a card. The vehicle got damaged beyond repair.

Even though the explosion of iPhone 7 Plus was not severe like Galaxy Note 7, the company should clear confusion among customers. We don’t want to buy a phone costing more than Rs. 50,000 and then exploding.