ViewSonic India launches its Latest Laser Short Throw Projector ‘LS921WU’ at What Hi-Fi 2023

A leading global provider of visual solutions, ViewSonic India, is thrilled to announce its participation at the highly anticipated What Hi-Fi 2023 event, where it will introduce and showcase its latest range of portable to premium best-in-class projectors. Starting today, the three-day event is scheduled at St. Regis Hotel, Lower Parel, Mumbai. The event brings together industry professionals & experts, dealers, channel partners, audiophile, or consumers looking for a one-stop solution to all their home theatre needs and providing cutting-edge audiovisual technologies.

Displaying its newer technology and innovation, the company launched its latest Laser based projector, ‘LS921WU’, at the event. Demonstrating ViewSonic’s commitment to delivering exceptional visual experiences and innovative features, the company showcased an entire range of home-entertainment projectors under one roof. Giving a phenomenal experience of audio-visual and bringing a premium range of products for dealers and audience, ViewSonic showcased M Series & X Series projectors, each designed to cater to diverse user preferences and demands.

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President – Sales and Marketing at ViewSonic India, said, “From displaying our innovation and technology, we are thrilled to showcase our latest projector lineup at What Hi-Fi 2023. Our commitment to innovation and providing exceptional visual experiences have driven the development of these best-in-class projectors. Each projector represents our commitment to innovation, abreast with the latest technology and providing exceptional visual experiences to our customers. Whether you are a home theatre enthusiast or professional seeking premium projection solutions, we believe our products cater to each requirement. These large-format events help us interact with industry experts and bring multiple other opportunities like understanding the industry trends, consumer needs and new technology. It also drives significant opportunities to grow our business, products and strengthen our presence in the market”

High Brightness Short Throw Laser Projector for Installation

Light in weight and compact in size, the recently launched LS921WU projector offers a cutting-edge visual solution designed to elevate the viewing experience. Packed with 6,000 ANSI Lumens, it produces high levels of brightness suitable for large spaces with a lot of ambient light. One of the benefits the projector provides to the home entertainment set-up is the lamp free light source, which reduces cost of ownership, longer lifespan, maintenance free, mercury free, no hassle for lamp replacements and eco-friendly.

It also comes with dual HDMI 2.0b / HDCP 2.2 ports, ensuring access to original 4K HDR/HLG quality content. This feature allows two different HDMI-enabled devices simultaneously to the projector without the need for frequent cable swapping and allowing switching between different sources, such as a laptop, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or streaming device, with ease. Flexible installation and effortless transportation of the projector allows for an up-to-100″ screen size.

The newly launched projector also has non-stop 24/7 operation, which is equipped with an advanced cooling design and enables 24/7 operation without degradation of quality or performance, hence, making the projector ideal for streaming continuously favorite show or movies. Addition to these features, the projector can also be adopted for simulating indoor golf. The projector’s high-resolution imagery and precise color reproduction provide an unparalleled golfing experience with lifelike landscapes and immersive sound effects.

Immersive Large-screen Experience for Home Entertainment

Being ahead in the industry, ViewSonic gave a first-hand experience of the recently launched M1 Pro, a portable projector that combines sleek design with powerful performance. This palm-sized cinematic powerhouse features a patented smart stand, delivering 720p HD images in 360 degrees with a 30,000-hour maintenance-free LED light source. In addition, the M1 Pro’s Harman Kardon speakers provide exceptional audio quality, ensuring a complete multimedia experience.

Further, the company also showcases ViewSonic X2000L-4K and X100- 4K+ projectors, catering to home theatre enthusiasts. The X2000 boasts a cinematic 4K UHD resolution and integrated smart features, making it an ideal choice for movie nights at home. With a 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness and a vast colour gamut, the X2000L-4K delivers stunning visuals in ambient lighting conditions.

On the other hand, the ViewSonic X100-4K+ offers an impressive combination of brightness, versatility, and connectivity options. With a brightness of 2900 LED Lumens, the projector ensures vivid and accurate colour reproduction, while its wide range of connectivity options allows seamless integration into any setup.

To experience cutting-edge technology and explore the full range of features and capabilities among the premium and luxury projectors, visit ViewSonic from 25th to 27th May from 11 am onwards at St. Regis Hotel, 8th Floor, State Room No 2 during What Hi-Fi 2023. 

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