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Best ID Card Printers for big and small offices

Choosing the best printer for your office is a tough decision, but we make every tough decision easier. When the number of cards is small, you can always outsource this business, but when the requirement becomes a daily-life thing, outsourcing it can just add to the cost, buying a printer is rather cost-effective in such cases.

Here is a list of 5 best printers, this list included printer from every category, small batch, medium batch, and large batch ID Cards & Accessories printers.

1. Magicard Pronto Card Printer

Security through identification is a must, whatever the size of offices is. Small offices usually need a few badges weekly, and very infrequently daily, but even they are needed on demand.

Of course, you can always outsource something as small as this, but that usually entails, slow turnarounds and high cost. To avoid that, we have this great solution for you.

This one ID card printer is perfect for all your office needs, it offers a low volume option, just what a small office needs.

It is a single-feed ID printer, that means it can only print one card at a time. But don’t let this disappoint you, it takes only 35 seconds to print a full-colour card. And it has various other features that will surprise you, considering its size.

If you want to quickly print efficient and reusable visitor cards, Pronto is your solution. On top of that, it can print on two card stocks, CR79 and CR80, whose thickness ranges from 20 to 40 mil.

The machine itself takes very little desk space but has the features any giant machine can have, like magnetic encoding option, edge-to-edge printing, added security all packed with a two-year warranty.

2. Enduro Printer from Magicard

Enduro is the mainstream printer from Magicard and is known for its supreme quality in printing ID cards. It is a mid-level printer and is a perfect choice of the organizations that have to print about 5000 cards in a year. Although the printing capacity is just small or medium, the features that it offers are huge.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

–        The Holekote technology, patented by Magicard, is the topmost of its kind, an industry favourite even. It secures secure visual authentication to these printers, at no extra cost.

–        Gives you dual side printing, another industry exception.

–        Allows printing on CR80 and CR79, and CR79 adhesive stock

–        Verifiable coding

–        Fast Prints

–        Superior Technical assistance

3. DTC4250e ID Card Printer by Fargo/HID Global

If you want your printer to print large amounts of extremely durable cards, easily and quickly, then take a look at this printer by Fargo/HID Global. They give you all, from the simple plastic loyalty to refined high-security access badges or cards, and they come with embedded electronics.

This powerful printer can be upgraded according to your needs, making it an ideal choice for schools, mid-size business, and local government agencies.

Some of its high-end features are:

–        Increased versatility

–        Higher security

–        Blazing card print speeds

–        Field upgradable WiFi

–        Eco-friendly ribbons

–        Multiple encoding options

4. Evolis Avansia Retransfer Card Printer

And here is the big offering, it is bigger not just in terms of scale but in dots per inch and volume as well. So, having a large printer doesn’t really make any sense until it is packed with equally large features and Evolis does not disappoint.

It has the reverse transfer printer, means you can print to the transfer film and then it allows you to transfer that image to the badge or card. This feature gives the professional print that you are looking for.

It provides a 250 card hopper and a matching output hopper of 250, it is that high production machine that you don’t have to babysit to receive the output.

5. ZXP Series 7 Card Printer from Zebra

This 27-pound printer is huge but is perfect for your production work. Given its size, its speed is admirable. It can print about 300 cards per hour, colourful but single-sided printing. If your requirement includes black on front and back, then it takes an hour to print about 225 cards.

This impressive speed is due to the fact that its print path has three cards in it any time.

Some of its features are given below:

–        200 card input capacity

–        Good print quality

–        Perfect for big production requirement

So these are some of the best ones we have hand-picked for you!

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