Apple replacing iPhone 7 Plus with camera related hardware problem

Apple released iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with much expectations. The new handsets were released at the time when Samsung was in turmoil due to the recall of Galaxy Note 7. However, the iPhone 7 users also reported several problems after using it for a while. According to reports, users have started to report an issue associated with the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Moreover, the issue can be fixed either by repairing or by replacing the handset.

In a post published on Reddit, a user with the name teryakiwok revealed that when he opened the camera app, he saw a black image preview. Even though he is able to shoot pictures, the handset produced output in tinted green and purple colors.

Furthermore, the user happens to saw a message on the display such as “Emergency iPhone needs to cool down“. This occurred even when the phone wasn’t even slightly warm.

iPhone 7 Plus needs to be repaired or replaced

If you verify the thread on Reddit forum, you will be able to view plenty of similar reports posted by various users. There are reports that Apple has replaced the iPhone 7 Plus with camera related hardware problems.

However, few users have repaired their iPhones directly via the Genius bar by installing a new camera module. Although the Cupertino-based tech giant has accepted the fault, the company hasn’t made any public statements regarding the camera specific problem.

How to fix the error in iPhone 7 Plus

To fix the infamous ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ error message, you need to conduct a round trip to the Genius bar. If you view the message, it is advisable to reach the destination as quickly as possible so that you can repair the handset.

We would suggest you put pressure on the company to replace the handset. This is because there is no assurance that the repaired work works properly. Going by the magnitude of the error, it is virtually impossible for you to resolve the problem yourself.

In the past, the iPhone 7 exploded during transit. The customer was shocked when he saw a charred iPhone 7 smartphone inside the package. Moreover, we also saw several other instances of explosion. The recent incidents involving iPhone 7 was not alarming like Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, if a smartphone explodes during usage or in an idle state, it is indeed a matter of grave concern.

As of writing this, we haven’t seen any reports of camera related issues from users in India. However, if you face similar issues with your iPhone 7 Plus, let us know in the comments section.