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Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 with security updates and bug fixes

iOS 10.2.1

Apple has started rolling out the new iOS 10.2.1 upgrade for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The update arrives nearly six months after iOS 10.2 release and brings a whole lot of performance improvements and bug fixes.

To begin with, iOS 10.2.1 now lets users reinstall the TV app if removed from the device. Besides, it fixes an issue with the Auto Unlock mechanism that could potentially unlock the iPhone without the Apple Watch being on your wrist.

In addition, iOS 10.2.1 also fixes an issue in the Contacts app, which from now on shouldn’t crash while processing a bug-ridden contact card.

Finally, today’s iOS 10.2.1 stable update also patches a major Wi-fi security issue, which could allow anyone to get access to home screen briefly by altering user input on any activation-locked device. Also, several WebKit Security flaws along with a bunch of kernel and libaarchive buffer issues have been fixed with the new update.

iOS 10.2.1 still unable to fix battery drain issue

While today’s iOS 10.2.1 release does fix a bunch of lingering issues, it appears the upgrade does come with its own share of problems. As users who recently upgraded are complaining of a 30 percent battery bug. Several iPhone users who are facing this issue say their battery drains out really fast and the phone suddenly dies at 30 percent battery level. Notably, this particular issue has been around since late last year. Apple has even publicly acknowledged the problem, but it hasn’t been fixed yet with the latest iOS 10.2.1.

Users have already started expressing their concerns about the upgrade on Apple’s discussion forums, Twitter, along with Reddit.

For now, we’re still unsure what issue you might come across if you upgrade to iOS 10.2.1. Hence, users are advised to properly back up their important files, data, and photos before they install the update. Should users come across any issue after installing the update, they can go to Apple’s discussion forums for advice on common problems with iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, and more. You’ll certainly find something useful there as users are quick to respond. If you can’t resolve the problem via Apple’s official forums, you can get in touch with Apple Support on Twitter.

iOS 10.3 with the rumored Theatre Mode

Apple is expected to have started rolling out iOS 10.3 beta release with a new feature called the Theater Mode, which could also bring a dark theme for iOS. Earlier this month, credible Apple tipster Sunny Dickson posted on his Twitter account that iOS 10.3 will come with a new Theater Mode, that can be triggered via a popcorn-styled icon within the iOS Control Centre.

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