Apple Pencil could work with Mac on Force Touch trackpads, suggests patent

Apple Inc. has secured the U.S. patent rights for a stylus concept that could be instrumental in developing an Apple Pencil for Macs usable on Force Touch trackpads and otherwise.

The patent indicates towards an improved device in comparison with the current pencil. The new design will enable the pencil to work not only on the trackpads but act as motion-sensitive ‘air mouse’.

The pencil might be used for changing the screen orientation and be operated as a joystick. In addition to this, the details of the filing also hint towards references which include using the pencil for iPad Pro. The patent publication has come to light in May 2016 but the truth is that it was submitted long back during November 2014.

On the other hand, the patent filing details indicated possible references for using a stylus with touchscreens. It might be possible that the technology stated in the filing details of the patent could pair up with rumored MacBook Pros to support the functioning of stylus on their trackpads.

Reports have also indicated that Apple MacBook Pro 2016 will possibly have an OLED touch bar which will replace the basic function keys above the keyboard.

However, according to Apple Insider, it seems that Apple might not be interested in developing a stylus or a pencil specifically for Macs. However, it might make an Apple Pencil which is compatible with Macs and can be connected using an easy way of pairing.

At present, there are several third-party styli available which are generally more efficient for operating keyboards, Macs, and trackpads. MacOS Sierra is also planning to introduce Siri voice commands this fall.

Additionally, Apple has also filed a new patent application which includes a wireless headphone system. First seen by Apple Insider, the headphone device’s hardware is capable of switching between different (wired and wireless) listening modes as well.