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MacBook Pro 2016 release date hints 4G connectivity, Kaby Lake processor

The release date for the MacBook Pro 2016 is still unclear at the moment but, some of the features are being highly speculated. The latest floaters include that it will run on 7th gen Kaby Lake processor, rather than the Skylake processor.

Apple Insider reported that Intel’s seventh generation Core processors have already been delivered to various companies. However, there have been reports that they were not for Apple.

MacBook Pro 2016 Specs

The laptop is also said to have an OLED touch bar and no headphone jack. It has been reported several times that it will feature its own cellular 4G connectivity. This will allow the laptop to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi.

Apart from a powerful processor, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to have four USB Type-C ports that allow faster data transfer options, Technology News Extra reported. It will also come with cellular connectivity with 4G, making it one of a kind in the whole multimedia industry in providing 4G support.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date

The possibility of 4G support was raised after Apple got a patent for a remote wireless transreceiver. The current MacBook Pro features the quad-core Core i7 processor, but Apple may replace them with the ultra-low power dual core i7. This may result in adverse performance.

Since the Cupertino-based company did not release any new Macbook Pro at their recent event (WWDC), the followers are now expecting that the much-anticipated laptop will be unveiled at the same time as the iPhone 7 and Watch 2 in Autumn.

MacBook Pro 2016 Variants

So far, the official site only mentions that the MacBook Pro 2016 which will come in 13 and 15 inches. It will also reportedly boast of NFC chip technology, touch fingerprint scanning, OLED touch bar, USB Type-C/Thunderbolt and wireless charging.

With rumours about Xiaomi launching a laptop that looks exactly like a MacBook, the speculations about the latter heat up even more. Powerful processors and displays are mere battlegrounds. The real war lies in how the American giants beat their Chinese counterparts in pricing.

The Mac does not have a large market share owing to the collective strengths of its Windows rivals, however, this launch promises to break much of monotony.

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