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Apple online store in India is now live

The first exclusive Apple online store is now live in India. This happens to be the 38th Apple online store worldwide, and the Indian edition has come up after more than two decades, the Cupertino company has been operating in the country.

Apple said their exclusive store will be offering the entire range of products in India, which includes the latest iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, accessories, and so on. Buyers will also have the same premium feel and experience when shopping from the Apple Store.

There is going to be Apple Specialists available to help you guide you through the buying process, clearing any doubts that you have with any products in the process. The specialists will help you with the payment and delivery aspects as well so that you have a truly hassle-free buying experience all through.

The Apple Specialists will also be there to help you get settled with the new device, providing you with tips and tricks to get the most out of your latest purchase. Apple said all buyers are eligible for a free one-to-one session with the Apple Specialists, who are going to be a one-stop solution for all your queries with any Apple product listed on the site.

Another huge advantage buyers will have when shopping off the Apple online store is that buyers can fully customize the Mac devices they buy. Whether it is a more powerful graphics card that is needed or additional storage, everything can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

There also is the AppleCare+ advantage that buyers can look forward to. The AppleCare+ program extends the warranty coverage of the Apple device to 2 years and covers technical support and accidental damages as well.

Then there is an exchange program available as well wherein buyers can trade in their existing eligible smartphones for a brand new iPhone but at a reduced price. Payment options are varied too, which includes all forms of digital transaction but no cash on delivery. Instead, you have a credit-card-on-delivery option.

For logistics, Apple has tied up with Blue Dart, who will be delivering the products to your doorstep. Also, in view of the current pandemic, Apple assured all safety precautions have been taken to ensure a safe delivery experience each time.