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Apple iPhone to be exclusively Intel based from 2018

Future iPhone devices could likely be based on Intel chips exclusively, a new report by KGI Securities claimed. This if true will mark an end of the road for Qualcomm chips on iPhone both of which has had an almost unshakeable relationship for quite some time now.

Apple’s new found love for Intel is also understandable considering the high stakes legal battle that Apple and Qualcomm have got embroiled themselves in. Both the companies have slapped lawsuits against the other worth billions of dollars.

However, the report also stated Qualcomm might still have a chance of featuring in 2018 iPhone devices. That again will depend on which way the legal battle takes and the above could be a way to settle ‘concessions in the patent lawsuit settlement’.

Intel is also expected to be able to meet Apple’s technical requirements to feature in 2018 iPhone devices. Besides, Intel will likely be able to offer competitive rates as well though with Apple having less of a choice, it remains to be seen if Intel can remain competitive over the years.

Another concern Apple might have with Intel is that the latter’s chips might not be 5G compatible as early as Qualcomm is expected to be, 9to5mac reported. Intel chips however will be able to support dual chips and dual stand-by even though there is no confirmation Apple is planning to develop an iPhone model having twin SIM slots.

Qualcomm had earlier filed complaints against Apple seeking to impose a complete ban of all of the latter’s products – read several iPhone and a few iPad models – that are alleged to infringe on the chipmaker’s patents. That includes the new high-profile iPhone X as well though a decision on this is still pending at the courts.

All of this no doubt is fresh trouble for Apple to deal with considering that the company already is under a lot of pressure with its iPhone devices. While the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X are believed to have failed to create the sort of excitement its makers might have expected, the company is also facing public ire for throttling older Phone devices without letting the owners know.

All of it makes it interesting to see how things pan out on this front in the months to come.