Apple iPhone 7 Plus reportedly explodes during transit in the US

According to reports, Apple iPhone 7 Plus exploded allegedly during transit with damages caused to the handset, instruction manual and product box. Just when customers are yet to recover from the trauma of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Apple also joined the party.

The images showcased by Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” reveals a matte black iPhone 7 Plus in charred condition. The first impression after observing the picture is that it exploded during transit.

iPhone 7 explosion

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in broad daylight and during usage, the iPhone 7 Plus reportedly exploded during transit after the placement of order. When the reddit user opened the package, he saw a badly charred handset in such a way that it looks exploded.

iPhone 7 explosion

The user manual also got damaged badly. In fact, the product box was also damaged and was torn off into pieces.

As of writing this, we don’t have any further information. Commenting on the development, the Reddit user believes that something happened between the factory and delivery.

iPhone 7 explosion

When contacted, both Apple and UPS declined to respond publicly. It remains to be seen as to whether the customer will get a new iPhone 7 Plus or a refund. However, either Apple or UPS should conduct a detailed investigation and find out the cause of the problem. We can confirm that a human in no way can deliberately damage the handset in this way.

According to industry analysts, Apple has a good track record of selling quality products and the latest incident is dubbed to be an isolated occurrence.

After a series of explosions triggering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and subsequent recall by the company and various airlines, customers view latest flagship smartphones with utmost caution. They really don’t want to spend a huge amount of money to get a product which will damage their body.

When Galaxy Note 7 exploded, media reported that it is a win for Apple. However, we have to wait and see for few more months to confirm whether iPhone 7 Plus is indeed a successful venture for Apple. Recently, we reported that there is a huge decrease in iPhone sales compared to iPhone 6s in 2015.

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