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Apple iPhone 7 to bundle with Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone dongle

Apple iPhone 7 is expected to ship with a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack dongle bundled inside the product package. According to Deutsche Bank, through a secret research note obtained by Business Insider revealed that the dongle will find a place instead of the Lightning-based EarPods in iPhone 7 as previously rumored.

Even though you will be able to buy third-party Lightning-to-3.5mm adapters from the market, many of them are bulky and not portable due to the necessity of integration of a digital-to-analog converter. However, if Apple provides a compatible dongle, then it would be an excellent choice from the Cupertino-based company since the accessories manufactured by the company will meet the required quality standards.

Meanwhile, the Deutsche Bank’s research note collaborate several previously rumored features. The bank, during the alleged supply chain verification checks, believed to have noticed that the 4.7-inch variant of iPhone 7 will offer an enhanced camera and optical image stabilization.

As far as the larger 5.5-inch model is concerned, the device will have an advantage of a dual-lens camera coupled with 3GB RAM. Recently, an image featuring the rear side of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus surfaced on Weibo.

While it is confirmed that the upcoming iPhone will not feature the traditional headphone jack, you will be able to experience a touch-sensitive physical home button with haptic (We are not sure what does this mean) feedback including a new dark color professional grade water-resistant body. Moreover, the device will also offer enhanced sound features by integrating a possible dual stereo speaker.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs

If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming iPhone is expected to ship with 4G LTE modem manufactured by Intel. You can also expect OLED display instead of standard IPS display and the integration of power saving TSMC-branded Apple A10 processor.

In all probability, Apple will ditch 16GB storage variant to provide users with 32GB of storage capacity by default to enable them to install latest apps. The iPhone 7 will also feature refreshed antenna bands, faster Wi-Fi in addition to a large battery compared to iPhone 6.

Apple is also planning to release a 256GB storage variant, which will find the place in the premium iPhone 7 Plus. There are reports that Apple in partnership with a third-party company is currently developing a wireless EarPods for both iPhone 7 and Plus variants.