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YouTube to launch Video-On-Demand: A paid video service with new video series


The California-based video giant – YouTube is planning to launch its premium paid video service named “Video-On-demand,” for the finest and unique content on its website. As per reports, YouTube may now have a subscription option that will be Ad-free and steam certain video contents that are part of the program.

The head of YouTube Ads Marketing – David Mogensen said, “Increasingly we’re hearing from brands that they want to become better content creators on YouTube, but they’re not exactly sure how to do it.” He further added, “We thought instead of telling them how to be better content creators we can show them by highlighting a brand that’s going through the same journey.”

It seems marketers are revolving to online branded content to reach their potential consumers, who are avoiding TV shows and engage with them in a less meddling way than traditional advertisements. Whereas, YouTube has taken numerous advertiser-friendly steps in recent years with an aim to appeal a larger share of brand’s advertising dollars and wanted to be a payee of the brand content push.

Apparently, the video-sharing website is planning to explore the empire of subscription-based videos by launching its own Video-On-Demand (VOD) service. And if such subscription service is launched in the future, it will be quite similar to YouTube Music Service Key that provides for an introductory price of $7.99 per month.

Google has shorn of saying a word about it, yet, reports propose that these rumors raised after an anonymous executive of the company tangled with YouTube in this program shed few words on it.

As per several reports, the move may be seen as a reaction to rising pressure from competitors such as Vimeo, Vessel, Hulu and others. By rolling in a paid subscription service, YouTube would not only be able to offer more cash to its content authors but also fortify its bottom line.