YouTube ‘Smart Offline’ feature allows video download at off-peak hours

To make downloading videos more convenient and cost efficient for the users, YouTube has introduced a new feature called ‘Smart Offline.’ Through this new feature, users can select the video at night, and it can get saved in the users account by next morning. It can be either viewed offline or in little internet connectivity.

Since the launch of YouTube Offline in 2014, it has become easier for users to enjoy their video offline. This feature takes into account how many carriers have unlimited or cheaper mobile internet data available for the night. This process gives the option to viewers to overcome handicaps posed by the high cost of data plans.

Google India wrote in its blog post, “We hope you like this more affordable and convenient way to take videos offline. With this new launch, we hope the viewers get to YouTube whenever they like buffer-free.”

Youtube Offline

To access Smart offline offer, users can select the save overnight option. The video can automatically be downloaded overnight and be ready to be viewed at the saved videos category in the morning.

But the latest feature of YouTube does not work with Wi-Fi, and only for cellular data connection. As of now, subscribers of Airtel and Telenor have access to the feature.

The service went live in three countries – India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Through this process, the YouTube users will not have to go through the hassles of the long buffering period for videos and to download it from some other site.

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