YouTube Heroes program to give exclusive perks for volunteer participation

Google has launched community moderation program called YouTube Heroes. The program is aimed at rewarding volunteers in a bid to improve the YouTube community in several ways. If you participate in the community, you will gain reward points under five levels.

The Level 1 unlocks the Heros dashboard and gives you access to the community. In Level 2, heroes will get access to exclusive workshops, where they are better trained to be community moderators. As a user, you can also participate in group video conferences for Heroes.

The Level 3 unlocks new tools including the capability to mass flags videos and comment moderation. However, the level 4 enables you to establish contact with YouTube staff directly. You will also get an opportunity to sneak peak newly released features. The final level is the ultimate top Hero tier where users are allowed to test drive new features before public release.

Getting points in YouTube Heroes program

You will get points when you correctly flag videos as per of the YouTube Trusted Flagger program. However, the program in invite only and provide a select group of users with advanced flagging tools. You will get points if you add subtitles and captions to any videos.

As part of the program, the videos will be accessible to more people those users who are unable to make use of speakers. It will be useful for users who are unable to hear.

YouTube Heroes helps other users

Alternatively, if you help other community users by responding to queries on the YouTube Help forum, they will also be taken into account while accounting for points to Heroes. Interestingly, the forum is available in English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

According to Google, YouTube Heroes is a program designed to recognize and reward the global community of volunteer contributors. The volunteers will have an exclusive opportunity to create a new level of video experience by flagging irrelevant videos and by adding captions and subtitles to videos.

Unlock YouTube Heroes rewards on the go

As a YouTube Hero, you can unlock exclusive rewards on a daily basis. The more you work the more rewards you will be eligible for. The YouTube Heroes program is available in all countries where YouTube is legally allowed. In addition to helping other people, you will receive exclusive access to workshops and sneak preview of product launches.

You can join the YouTube Heroes program by providing the email address registered with your YouTube account and by agreeing to terms and conditions. If you register now, YouTube will contact you when the program is rolled out in the country.