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Xpower Double Mag cable review: Opening Magsafe to a whole new world

People using older gen MacBooks would relate to this, the Magsafe port was one of the best and functional pieces of tech out there. They use magnets to align the connector thereby cutting down on your time of finding and aligning the ports together. There hasn’t been any solution like the MagSafe available in the market which does exactly the same things but with a more wider USB option. A brand out of Hong Kong, called Xpower has made it possible and we got our hands on the products.

The product is called Double Mag and comes with a bunch of connectors and supports both Android & iOS devices. We have been using the cable for a while now and here are our thoughts on it.

Key Features

  • World’s first two-way Magnetic Cable
  • Power Delivery capability
  • Single cable for all devices
  • Changeable connectors
  • Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

double mag 1

Box Contents

There are a bunch of connectors to choose from. The one we got includes:

  • Single Cable
  • USB C connectors (Input & Output)
  • MicroUSB connector
  • USB A connectors
  • Lightning connectors

Design & Performance

The connectors are carved out of metal and come with neodymium magnets along with connectors slots. The main cable is well made and has a braided pattern on top for longevity. The cable is 1 meter in length making it a bit more practical with multiple uses. The brand has used, nylon materials which allow this cable to bend over 30,000 times.

double mag 3

The cable is rated for both power delivery and data transfers, and at the same time supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 for better charging speeds. The connectors themselves have a pretty low profile and can be left attached to the ports. Our package had 7 connectors that range from USB Type C to Lighting.

double mag 2

During our testing periods, we found the Double Mag extremely useful and user-friendly. Most of the time we kept the connectors plugged into the ports while switching the cable among devices. The cable is sturdy and shows the amount of R&D that went on to make it. Since the cable itself supports fast charging, you can essentially charge your MacBooks or smartphones at much faster speeds.

double mag 4

Final Thoughts

The Double Mag from XPower builds upon the same principle that Apple’s MagSafe connectors use. Essentially cutting down on the efforts of finding a port or accidentally damaging them. The connectors themselves have a sleek build and can be left connected to the ports while the cable can be detached safely.

Overall, we quite liked the product and totally recommend it to our reader, the only issue we have is with the availability and the cost since the total package with all the connector will easily run you upwards of $50. If that’s not an issue for you, then you can snag one for yourself from Xpower’s online store.