B2X, the leading technology-enable provider of customer care services all over the world, has announced recently that Mi India has selected it. B2X will be offering strategic customer services to all Mi products in India. Mi India is the entity of Xiaomi smartphones in India, and it ranks at number 4 in smartphone manufacturing and sales in India.

B2X already provides support to Xiaomi in many European markets. B2X has rolled out a comprehensive support that offers service to Mi customers in 31 walk-in service centers across India. It provides face to face support for people using the Mi smartphones. All the 31 walk-in service centers across India are based on B2X SMARTBAR.

B2X SMARTBAR is a flexible in-store service which provides personalized support and service to any warranty or out of warranty related issues of Mi devices.

Miami has launched many high-quality devices including smartphones, Mi Air Purifiers, Mi Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories. The company says that its success comes from their commitment to the government’s “Make in India” initiative and manufactures more than 75% of their smartphones in India.