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World Music Day: Top five audio gadgets recommended for music lovers

Music has the power to break all barriers; it is a universal language that connects each and everyone in this Universe. In celebration of art, the World Music Day is celebrated around the world today.

On this day, we bring you the top five headphones that will for sure make the music experience come alive for the listeners; headphones that promise to give its audience the best sound quality. Here are the top five headphones recommended to all the listeners who simply love music.

Sennheiser HD 471

The unsurpassed sound quality offered for pure listening purpose makes it one of the best buy. The headphone has advanced transducers, lightweight diaphragms, detailed sound reproduction and its striking, innovative aesthetics makes it a perfect headphone where one can enjoy their favorite music.

Other than this the circumaural ergonomic design ensures the best voice quality whether you are traveling or listening to music in your living room. The headphone which comes with a price range of Rs. 7,990 is fully compatible with both portable devices as well as home stereo equipment.

Brainwavz HM2

The over-the-ear headphone is a delight for the music lovers and comes at a budget. The headphones give pretty good sound, and the earcups are built in such a way that it provides complete coverage. The headphone is a must pick for those who love bass, and also the highs and lows are quite clear. The headphone is adjustable over the head, and the foldable design makes it compact for use. The headphones which come at a reasonable price range of Rs 2,999 is lightweight, foldable and has a hard case that makes it extremely portable. Read our review here.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Over-Ear


Sennheiser’s new Momentum Wireless is a must have for all those who want to enjoy wireless freedom. It has features like Bluetooth wireless technology and enjoys wireless freedom. Along with having a brilliant sound quality the headphone comes with VoiceMax microphone which enables to conduct crystal-clear conversations without needing an external microphone. The headphone which is available in two colors Black and Ivory comes at a price range of Rs. 34,990.

Brainwavz BLU-200

The mid-budget earphones is a right choice for those who want to enjoy a good performance. The lightweight, silicone ear tips and portability makes it suitable for both outdoor activities as well as workout. The sound quality of the earphone is amazing as it has a warm U tonality and bass heavy signature that can be enjoyed by one and all. The device comes with a battery that can get fully charged in two hours and last for almost four hours. The comfort level is amazing and at a cost of Rs. 3,499, it is the best pick among the headphone that is available at this price range. You can read our review before buying.

Sony h.ear On Wireless NC (MDR-100ABN)

Sony is one company that caters to all kind of listeners since its budget starts from Rs. 590 to Rs. 41,990. Even though this headphone is on the premium side of the range as it is priced at Rs. 21,990. But it is worth the money for buyers who want to enjoy a premium quality music. The headphones come packed with Bluetooth and digital noise-cancelling technology. The sound quality is incredibly detailed and defined. The headphone is extremely comfortable to use and has a good battery life.

These are some of the most amazing headphones and earphones recommended for music lovers. Users can pic any of them depending on their budget.