Whirlpool Bottom Mount Refrigerator 2 scaled e1599466206425 Whirlpool Bottom Mount Refrigerator 2 scaled e1599466206425

Whirlpool India launches new Intellifresh Pro refrigerators with bottom mounted freezer, price starts at Rs. 39,800

Whirlpool of India has announced the launch of its new Intellifresh Pro refrigerator in India, which is unique in it having the freezer at the bottom while the fridge is placed on the top. The company though, said it is not just the design change but the incorporation of advanced technologies such as advanced IntelliSensors, powerful microprocessor, and proprietary algorithms that together make the new Intellifresh Pro the most advanced refrigerator ever to launch in India.

For instance, there is the Adaptive Intelligence technology which works to check the temperature and humidity inside the fridge and make changes accordingly in real time to ensure there is a uniform environment maintained inside the refrigerator at all times. Whirlpool is claiming this allows for a max 15 days of extended freshness, which inhibits bacterial growth by 99 percent while food, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables remain fresh for a longer duration.

Another of the biggest positives of the new refrigerator is its 3D Airflow technology, which ensures cold air is not hitting any food item directly. This is brought about by a scientifically designed air tower with the vents and boosters so placed to prevent any food item from being directly exposed to cool air, thus helping in preserving the moisture for longer.

Then there is the Intellisense Inverter tech as well, which regulates internal cooling depending on the load inside, which leads to optimum power usage. The technology also ensures the refrigerator connects to the inverter automatically in case of power cuts to ensure seamless operations.

The refrigerator comes in 325 liters and 355 liter sizes done up in shades of Omega Steel and Steel Onyx. With rounded edges and flushed pocket handles and several other simple yet elegant design themes, the new Intellifresh Pro line of refrigerators is quite a looker.

Among the other advanced features, the refrigerator boasts of include a Variable Temperature Zone that allows for smart space management. Then there is the Portable Ice Maker too, which not only makes ice faster; it makes it easy to carry and serve as well. As for its price, it ranges from Rs. 39,800 to Rs. 47,250.