Toshiba introduces new advanced refrigerators, washing machines, washer-dryers and water purifiers in India

Japanese electronics major, Toshiba today announced the launch of its latest range of home appliances in India. It includes the likes of refrigerators, washing machines, washer-dryers, and water purifiers. All of the new range of products come with the latest technological advancements and are designed to offer optimum user convenience.

Toshiba multi-door refrigerator GR-RF646WE-PGI: 

The company said its new multi-door refrigerator is the most technologically advanced in its category and has been designed specifically with the Indian consumer’s demands and aspirations in mind. The 650 litre 4-door refrigerator comes with a front glass door finish and includes the company’s landmark Convert Zone feature. This enables users to convert a specific 91 litre freezer located at the bottom into a mini fridge.

Users will also have the option to further optimize the available space by up to 15 percent, with the option to adjust the temperature from -18 degrees to 7 degree Celsius. Among the other features that the refrigerator comes with include 3 System Cooling, Plasma+ Pure Deodorizer, and Smart Digital Touch that allows users to maintain the desired temperature in specific zones.

The refrigerator comes in Blue Glass finish and is priced Rs. 149,990.

Toshiba two-door refrigerator GR-AG66INA: 

The new 661 litre Toshiba 2-door refrigerator also embodies the latest innovations and technological advancement to ensure food remains fresh and bacteria free for longer durations. The fridge boasts of advanced features such as Automatic Ice Maker or Cool Air Wrap System. Plus, there is the Silver nano Crisper that ensures vegetables remains fresh for longer by limiting bacterial growth.

Other features the fridge boasts of include LED Hybrid Deodorizer and LED/UV light that aims to keep a check on bacterial growth within the fridge. The refrigerator also comes with an Ultra Fresh Zone where you can have temperature as low as -3-degree Celsius though the zone can also be used as a normal chiller area.

Another cool feature of the refrigerator is its door-mounted controls for ease in operations. The refrigerator is available in 6 models having 12 variants with volume ranging from 252 litres to 661 litres. Price starts from Rs. 27,000 to all the way up to Rs. 85,000.

Toshiba also said all its new gen refrigerators feature Invertertm technology to allow for optimum energy utilization at all times.

Toshiba Washing Machines: 

The Japanese electronics giant also introduced a range of 10 washing machines which includes 4 top loading versions along with 6 front loading models. Capacity range from 7 Kg to 9 Kg and starts at Rs. 21,000 to all the way up to Rs. 80,000.

Toshiba said the new washing machines feature superior safety and humanized design that can provide exclusive laundry care for your clothes. For instance, the Front-loading machines use Great Waves and Color Alive tech to ensure best possible care for your laundry.

The front-loading machines again come with an Anti-Bacterial Gasket while the in-built Drum Clean feature act to clean the drum with hot water. The front-loading machines start at Rs. 35,990.

The top loading machines boast of a ‘No Angular Design’ with rounded edges and have a glass lid at the top that can withstand up to 100 kilos. Then there also is the Easy Kit multi-functional detergent box where the softener, liquid detergent and washing powder are stored while the machine mixes these in optimum amount with the water for efficient washes each time.

Toshiba Washer Dryer: 

The latest washer-dryer from Toshiba comes powered by the Great Waves technology besides also featuring an anti-bacterial gasket and cyclone mix tech. All of this ensures 20 percent better detergent dissolution thereby enhancing washing performance. The washer-dryer is priced Rs. 79,990.

Toshiba Water Purifier: 

The latest range of water purifiers comes with UV Shield technology that uses cold cathode UV lamp which Toshiba said can kill 99.99 percent bacteria till the last drop. There also is a Smart Interactive Display that will display info such as water level, next service due, UV function and so on. The replaceable tank comes in a choice of either plastic or stainless steel.

The water purifiers start at Rs. 14,990 with the top model priced at Rs. 27,990.


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