Panasonic partners with Amazon to launch its new range of heater integrated washing machines in India

Panasonic, a world leader in home appliances and associated technologies today announced its partnership with Amazon India to offer its new range of automatic and semi-automatic washing machines in the country.

The unique aspect of the latest range of top-loading washing machines happen to be its incorporation of the new StainMaster+ technology. Panasonic said this has been specially designed to cater to Indian demands and sensibilities and enables the individual wash programs to deal with even the most stubborn of stains effectively.

That apart, the new range of Panasonic washing machines also feature an integrated water heating facility to allow for the perfect wash each time. The new range also features 2 Way Washing Technology which together with the temperature control facility allows for optimum power and water efficiency.

Elaborating on this further, Panasonic said its new washing machines incorporate new Aqua Spin Rinse technology that allows for water conservation of up to 28 percent. Then there also is the Econavi technology which too can help save 20 percent water and electricity respectively.

In fact, the washing machines are intelligent enough to detect wash load volumes as well as water temperature and re-uses 23 percent water to prevent wastage. You can also be rest assured of the washing machines being able to deal with your delicate clothes as well with its Active foam System technology, which applies to even designer clothes or those with heavy embroidery.

Of the 22 new washing machines Panasonic has launched in India, 13 happens to be fully automatic devices while 9 are of the semi-automatic types. The fully automatic range starts at 6.2 kg load capacity while topping off at 8 kilos. The semi-automatic devices start at 6.5 kg with the top model being of 14 kg capacity, while the range starts at a quite modest INR 8,790.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Harshal Soman, Head – Home Appliance Business, Panasonic India said, “We at Panasonic understand the evolving needs of our consumers and to cater to the growing preference of online purchases, we are extending our home appliances range; starting with washing machines on Amazon. With this partnership, we aim to offer ease of access to millions of consumers and also strengthen our distribution and penetration in the home appliances market.”

Check out the details on Amazon India site.


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