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New Haier inverter refrigerators promises better cooling and energy efficiency

Haier introduced a new range of single door inverter refrigerator in India which it said allows for superior cooling performance while still being energy efficient. The new refrigerators of HRD-242-E and HRD-2623-E variants also make a strong style statement given its steel finish or those with a floral design layout.

The refrigerators are available in 242 and 262 liter capacity which the company said provides for 40 liter more fridge section than any top mount frost free refrigerators in its category. The new range of refrigerators also feature Diamond Edge Freezing Technology or DEFT whereby the inner edges are done up in the shape of a diamond. This, the company said, will ensure better cooling retention over longer periods of time and hence will ensure better energy efficiency.

Aiding in the energy efficiency aspect is the inverter compressor that allows for best in class energy saving. Haier also said there are special airflow vents for better and faster cooling of the interior. The refrigerators also incorporate a 3-Star energy efficiency rating in line with the new BEE 2020 norms.

There is no need for you to install a separate stabilizer as well given that the refrigerators incorporate advanced technologies that allows for stabilizer-free operations in the 110 volt – 300 volt range. Other salient features include the fitment of bright LED lights which makes the interior look bright and cheery. Then there also are toughened glass that makes the interiors look classy while still being durable and efficient.

There is an anti-fungal gasket too that prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria on the inside. There is a thick PUF insulation too for better cooling retention, all of which ensures your food remains fresh over longer period of time

The new range of refrigerators are already available in the market with prices starting from INR 26,000 for the HRD-2423PIS-E range. Similarly, the HRD-2423PRP-E range starts from INR 27,000.