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WhatsApp’s New Feature Helps You Connect With Ignored Contacts

Explore WhatsApp’s latest feature that prompts you to chat with forgotten contacts, enhancing connectivity and user interaction.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature designed to remind users of forgotten contacts in their phonebooks, encouraging more robust and diverse communication. Named ‘Suggested Contacts,’ this feature appears within the chat application’s main list, displaying phone numbers previously saved but not interacted with via the platform.

This initiative is part of WhatsApp’s broader effort to enhance user engagement by simplifying the process of starting new conversations. Particularly beneficial for new users, the feature surfaces immediately upon registration, presenting options for connecting with people not previously messaged. The feature, currently available to Android beta testers, is expected to extend to iOS and more users gradually.

The feature, identified as ‘Contacts Suggestion,’ will be prominently displayed within the main chat list of the app. It specifically targets and highlights phone numbers already saved in the user’s address book but with whom they have not yet interacted on the platform. This new section will provide a list of such contacts, encouraging users to initiate communication, potentially rekindling old connections or forging new ones.

Initially rolled out to Android users through the WhatsApp beta program, this feature is expected to make its way to iOS and other users gradually. The timing of this rollout is strategic, aiming to maximize user interaction and make the chat interface more intuitive and user-friendly.

‘Suggested Contacts’ automatically populates based on the contacts you’ve never messaged on WhatsApp, aiming to spark new interactions or rekindle old connections. This could be especially helpful for those who store numbers with the intent to contact later but fail to do so.

As WhatsApp continues to introduce features enhancing user experience, this new addition aligns with the platform’s strategy to maintain its status as a leading communication tool by making it easier for users to discover and utilize their extensive list of contacts more effectively.

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