WhatsApp latest update lets you share any file format and automatic albums

WhatsApp has finally rolled out an update which allows users to share any file and Document format like sv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx from its platform. Now the user has to just open the chat window, tap on to the attachment icon and send any desired file and docs quickly. However, the size of the file has been restricted to 100MB for the Android users and 128MB for iOS users by the company.

Furthermore, the user will able to see all pictures and videos via the in-app camera by swiping up, and if users are sending lots of photos at once, they’ll now be grouped into a gallery that only displays five images and the last thumbnail showing how many additional photos have been sent. WhatsApp will also stop compressing photos so that the quality of the photos remain intact. And, to easily bold, italicize or strike through the text, now the user will just have to tap and hold the text to select it.

The latest update makes the WhatsApp a complete and a versatile tool as compare to other apps. Users can send text messages, execute video call, send pictures and videos and now they can able to send any file. It saves lots of users time to send the files through complex processes like Email. It is also speculated that Facebook is now partnered with SBI(State Bank of India) to provide UPI based online payment system. So stay tuned for further updates. The Recall and Revoke features were recently spotted on Windows Phone beta.

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