What’s New with Siri: A Look at iOS 18’s Upcoming AI Features

Apple is gearing up for a significant update with iOS 18, particularly focusing on enhancing Siri and other core apps like Safari and Spotlight through advanced AI technologies. As the tech giant prepares for the official reveal at WWDC 2024, here’s what you can expect from the new AI features integrated into the upcoming iOS update.

AI Enhancements Across Core Apps

  1. Siri Improvements: Siri is anticipated to become more intuitive and helpful with the integration of a new on-device Large Language Model (LLM) named Ajax. This upgrade aims to streamline interactions by generating more accurate and contextually appropriate responses directly on the device, enhancing privacy by limiting cloud processing.
  2. Safari’s Intelligent Search: Safari will introduce a feature capable of summarizing web content. This “Intelligent Search” functionality is designed to provide quick, concise summaries of web pages, making information consumption faster and more efficient for users.
  3. Spotlight Search Upgrade: Spotlight is set to offer smarter sorting and more intelligent results. By leveraging the Ajax LLM, Spotlight will enhance its ability to organize and display information in a way that is more relevant to user queries.
  4. Enhanced Integration with Messages and Calendar: The integration between Siri, Messages, and Calendar is expected to be tighter. Siri will be able to generate responses based on the content of messages and check calendar entries to provide contextually relevant replies without the need for internet connectivity.

Key Features to Note

  • On-Device Processing: One of the highlights of iOS 18 is its emphasis on processing data on the device itself, reducing dependency on cloud services and prioritizing user privacy.
  • AI-Powered Responses: The advanced AI capabilities are designed to make apps like Messages and Calendar smarter, allowing for automatic suggestions and responses based on the content of your interactions.

Release and Availability

iOS 18 is scheduled to be previewed at WWDC 2024 with the Developer Beta expected to launch on June 10, shortly after the keynote presentation. The public release of iOS 18 is likely to be around mid to late September, aligning with Apple’s typical release schedule and coinciding with the launch of new iPhone models​.

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