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Watch Radhika Apte starring Ahalya on YouTube, Sujoy Ghosh Recreates the Kahani Magic again


Ahalya is a 14 minute Bengali film released directly on YouTube, directed by Sujoy Ghosh, and has legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee, Radhika Apte and Tota Roy Chowdhury in key roles. It has been produced by Royal Stag’s Large Short Films. Director Sujoy Ghosh shot into fame with his critically acclaimed Vidya Balan starrer Kahani in 2012. Kahani was a thriller that kept the audience on the edge of their seat. He has come out with another thriller, Ahalya based on an ancient Hindu mythological story with a feminist twist.

In Hindu mythology, Ahalya is the beautiful wife of the much older Rishi Gautama Maharishi. The beauty of Ahalya smote Indra and in his lust disguised himself as her husband and seduces her. Learning of her infidelity, Sage Gautama curses her to be turned into stone. The story itself has many versions with some version saying Ahalya knew that she was tricked but was swept away by the fact that her beauty had enamored the king of the gods. Some versions portray Ahilya as a chaste wife who was raped by Indra.

Sujoy’s Ahalya is a modern and retold version of the ancient story. Indra Sen is a police Inspector, who visits the house of an aging artist, Gautam Sadhu. Gautam is married to a much younger woman.


Just like Kahani, which had a strong female central character, in Ahalya too, the female lead character dominates with her portrayal of the sexy and spirited wife.

With Ahalya Ghosh makes a statement on our understanding of extra martial affairs and infidelity. All the three main actors give a commendable performance, and Ahalya is a must watch. Radhika Apte is sexy and vivacious in her performance as Ahalya. Sujoy has taken an age old tale and gave it a thrilling and modern twist. Every minute has the audience in rapt attention as the story unfolds with minor twists and turns rising in a crescendo to its gut-wrenching climax.


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