Indian Television Market is very much competitive, with big names like Sony, Sharp, Samsung and LG racing against each other for dominance.

Now ‘Vu’, technologies, a luxury TV company based out in California has joined this tight race. In a recent Press Release issued by the company on May 12, 2016, they revealed that a smart TV with 4K viewing experience will hit the Indian markets soon, and it will be available at the price of Sony and Samsung base models.

The premium smart TV range unveiled by Vu Technologies ranges from 32 – 55 Inches. The company aims to provide maximum luxury in their televisions, and that too in an affordable rate.

This premium television comes with in-built wifi functionalities, USB Ports, HDMI Ports and Screen Sharing facilities. The new TV aims to break all conventional concepts which prevail in the minds of users when it comes to channel surfing and TV viewing experience.

The Makers of ‘Vu’ has paid much attention in enhancing the entertainment quotient of this television. In-built gaming centre in this device will give it a cutting edge over its competitors.

Flipkart, the online selling partner of Vu is very much excited about this new launch. Amit Bansal, Large Appliances Head of Flipkart told that Vu has revolutionized the Indian Television market by providing high-quality appliances at a very affordable rate. He also added that the journey with Vu was very much fruitful, and things are expected to go smoothly in the future as well.

Vu has offered 40 inch Full HD TV for 30000 INR, and this is something mindblowing in nature. 50 inch TV comes at a rate of 42000 INR, while the 55 inch TV comes at 55000 INR. The base option television is of 32 inches, and it is being priced at 20000 INR.

The new television is powered with a Quad-Core Internet video processor, and it allows you to bring all the apps to your TV.