Virtual Internet Unveils Groundbreaking Virtual 5G Service Virtual Internet Unveils Groundbreaking Virtual 5G Service

Virtual Internet Unveils Groundbreaking Virtual 5G Service

Discover how Virtual Internet’s new Virtual 5G service is transforming mobile broadband with guaranteed 5G speeds on any network, making high-speed internet more accessible and affordable.

In a significant leap forward for mobile broadband technology, Virtual Internet has announced the launch of its Virtual 5G service, promising a transformative experience for users across the globe. This innovative service aims to deliver high-speed internet access to all, regardless of the generation of their devices or the type of their internet connection, including satellite and cellular radio.

Virtual Internet’s 5G connectivity for Android stands out by guaranteeing 5G-level speeds on any network, making it a game-changer especially for users in areas where conventional 5G connectivity is inconsistent or unavailable. The service addresses the high cost and variability of speed in existing cellular and satellite connections by offering a more affordable and reliable alternative. It claims to enhance user experience by providing faster and more stable internet access, which is particularly beneficial in regions where traditional 5G infrastructure is yet to make its mark.

Moreover, Virtual Internet is not just offering a service but a comprehensive platform. The Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network supports a wide range of applications and services, ensuring users can enjoy enhanced mobile broadband speeds on any device and network. The service prides itself on its global availability, security, and privacy features, making it a versatile option for consumers and businesses alike.

Virtual Internet, a metaverse company based in Singapore, has created this service with the aim of building a new community of millions of users connected through multiple networks. This initiative reflects the company’s ambition to lead in the software 5G domain by leveraging existing cellular, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks to deliver unparalleled service quality.

Virtual Internet’s model operates over existing network infrastructures, from cellular to Wi-Fi and satellite, making 5G speeds accessible even in remote areas. By providing an over-the-top (OTT) service that works on virtually any device and network, Virtual Internet aims to ensure that high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a standard accessible to all. The service is poised to transform digital services in Indonesia, from social media and browsing to multimedia streaming and beyond, on a scale that aligns with the country’s sprawling geography and diverse connectivity needs,

The introduction of Virtual 5G by Virtual Internet marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of mobile internet, promising to redefine user expectations and experiences. By bridging the gap between technology and accessibility, Virtual Internet is set to play a crucial role in the global adoption and enhancement of 5G services.

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