Home News VingaJoy launches new CL-40 in-ear Collar Neckband in India priced Rs. 2,499

VingaJoy launches new CL-40 in-ear Collar Neckband in India priced Rs. 2,499

Its festive season here in India and companies are making a beeline to either launch their newest products or are offering heady discounts on existing ranges to drive sales. Home grown electronics and mobile accessories brand VingaJoy is one such company that is out to woo buyers with its new In-Ear Collar Neckband named Sound Range (CL-40).

The company is claiming their premium new headband is designed to offer superior HD quality sound output irrespective of the genre of song you might be listening to. Apart from the high-quality sound output which no doubt is the prime requisite of any headband unit, buyers will also be drawn to the new VingaJoy CL-40 given its stylish looks and lightweight design.

Another cool feature of the headband is its smart magnetic clasps that will let you accept or reject calls simply by clasping or unclasping the earbuds. The same mechanism will also let you play or pause the music as well. For connectivity, the headband complies with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that will provide you with a seamless connection that stretches for around 10 meters.

Battery life as mentioned by the company is a quite commendable 15 hours and is backed by fast charging support. The headband will also allow for hands-free operation when connected to a smartphone and is compatible with both Android and iOS. The built-in microphone will let you issue voice commands without having to physically operate the headband.

What’s more, the headband also offers a tangle-free design around the neck that adds to its ease in operation. Plus, there is a choice of exciting colors to choose from, which includes Red, Blue, Black, Silver, and Rose Gold. Coming to its price, the VingaJoy CL-40 headband can be yours for Rs. 2,499.

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