Upcoming new iPad Pro due out in early 2021 could feature mmWave 5G and mini-LED tech

While a new iPad featuring mini-LED technology is already expected to launch in the first half of 2021, here is another report of there being a 5G enabled iPad Pro too being in the works. This, if true, will no doubt be one of the biggest enhancements the iPad range has had in a while.

As DigiTimes reported, Apple has been successful in developing its own mmWave modules for fitment on mobile devices. Such modules are already confirmed to be fitted in the upcoming iPhone 13 range, which further increases the chances of those making it to the next year’s iPad Pro line-up as well.

As it is, Kuo had earlier claimed that the iPad Pro due out for launch in early 2021 is tipped to have entered production in the fourth quarter of 2020 already. This, coupled with the fact that Apple is ready with its in-house mmWave 5G technology, has further augmented the belief that the iPad Pro could be the first to feature the mini-LED display technology as well as the mmWave antennas.

This, no doubt, could be one of the most exciting tech development of the new year ahead. We will be watching things here closely and report any new development that happens. So, be on the watch.


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