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Uber India launches ‘Dail an Uber’, ‘Request a ride for others’ for booking without app


Well-known taxi hailing service Uber has introduced two new products in the Indian Market, which will allow users to hail its services without the bother of downloading its app on its devices. The two functions are named ‘Dail an Uber’ and ‘Request a ride for others.’ The request a ride for others will enable users to book a cab for their friends or family members even if they do not have the Uber application on their devices. The other app also allows users to book cabbies without having to download Uber’s application.

The feature has been introduced in the country for users, particularly in non-metros who face some problems including poor connectivity and low internet coverage. The new services have been opened in many B-grade Metro cities like Nagpur, Cochin, Guwahati, Jodhpur, etc.

Head of Engineering, Uber India, Apurva Dalal said that the latest move is the testimony of Uber’s focus to use technology to provide the best and most reliable services to all its customers.

This is how the feature works:

  • Check if the updated application is installed on your device
  • Go to dial.uber.com
  • Login or sign-up filling in your phone number
  • A page will open on the mobile app complete with price information, ride estimate.
  • Place the PIN on your friend’s pickup location on your device
  • Click on your’s friends mobile number from the address book
  • Click on the preferred mode of payment

If the booking is confirmed, Uber will send the drive details like pick up points on your friend’s mobile number regardless of the fact that the application is loaded or not on his device. This feature will be immensely useful if the person is stuck in a location where there is poor or no internet connection. It will be helpful for riders who have a low-end mobile device which does not have the app installed.

In recent times Uber has partnered with Snapdeal to book a taxi directly from its app. Uber is also investing in a big way to perfect its mapping service and do away with the dependence on Google Maps. Uber is also developing its self-driving cars in collaboration with Volvo. Uber will acquire the Volvos and then install its autonomous driverless control system for its taxi hailing service. Uber is now available in 27 towns across the nation and India focuses high on its plans to expand its business across the globe.