With improvements in wireless technology, Bluetooth-powered speakers are all in the rage these days. They offer a convenient, hassle-free way of listening to music whether you’re in the comfort of your home, or while you’re on the move. We recently received one such device called Tsumaby NX-5025 Bluetooth-powered wireless speaker for a review. Besides offering wired as well as wireless connectivity, the speaker comes loaded with a plethora of features such as a clock, FM radio, temperature, and hands-free calling. But is it a worthy buying option? Check out our review to know more.

Build and Design

Tsumbay NX 5025 Bluetooth speaker 4

The build quality and design are top-notch. The speaker looks good and well-built thanks to the use of metal. The bottom is made of all rubber giving it a good grip on any surface. Buttons are easily accessible and I also faced no issues trying to reach the aux and charging port located on the back of the speaker. The overall build is very sturdy and I was pretty impressed with the speaker’s compact, new-age look, and feel.

Features and Performance

Tsumbay NX 5025 Bluetooth speaker 3

The Tsumbay NX-5025 is a feature-packed Bluetooth wireless speaker. Not only do we get wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker can also be used as a wired speaker as it comes with a 3.5mm aux port. Besides, it also comes with clock and radio functionalities, so you can also use it as your alarm clock. In other words, you get the functionality of a clock, Radio, as well as a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite music in one gadget.

The screen’s brightness is also adjustable, and the clock is easy to read and the digit is large as well. The screen also displays the humidity and temperature which is another neat addition. There are three different alarms to choose from which is also nice.Tsumbay NX 5025 Bluetooth speaker 2

Not to forget, it also offers a microSD slot. Though, it was unable to read my 128GB microSD card. I then tried a 32GB microSD card which the speaker read easily.

All of the speaker’s functions are fairly simple to use. I faced no issues with Bluetooth connectivity, though connectivity could have been slightly faster. Even setting up the clock and alarm is quite easy, however, it only shows time in a 24-hour format.Tsumbay NX 5025 Bluetooth speaker 5

The quality of the sound is good too. A stereo bass effect type of sound. the speaker quality is impressive with good bass, and it can get quite loud.

The battery back up of this radio is too good. I used continuously for about 8 hours with medium volume and it was still on. The built-in battery lasts all day if I want to carry it around and use it as a speaker, like for picnics and such.

Tsumbay NX 5025 Bluetooth speaker 1

Is it worth the buck?

For the price of just $35, I can’t really find any faults with the Tsumaby NX-5025. It does a lot for such a small gadget. You get the functionality of an alarm clock, a Bluetooth speaker, as well an FM Radio in one device. Besides, the overall sound quality is good, and the speaker is well-built, compact making it easy to carry along. That’s said, it shows the time only in a 24-hour format. If you have no issues with that, I think its a great value for money deal.

Build & Design
Sound Quality
tsumbay-nx-5025-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-with-alarm-clock-and-radio-reviewFor the price of just $35, I can't really find any faults with the Tsumaby NX-5025. It does a lot for such a small gadget.