Top iOS apps for beginners and new iPhone users

If you are new to the iPhone and the iOS universe then you have lots of things to know and learn to become a perfect iOS user. The user interface is a lot different from whatever you are using before, and if it’s Android then you have to forget all those you learned from Android. The whole user interface, animations, gestures, notification bar, music and of course the apps and the App Store. Well, you can learn everything by yourself but there are 10 iOS apps which you should download instantly to live your iOS live freely, check them out.


Flipboard is an app which previously designed for iPad users but then it got released on other platforms too. I bet you had this app on your Android smartphone. It is a free app on iOS too and you don’t have to pay for anything which you see inside the app. Now download it and get the all-day news at your fingertips.

Google Maps

Have you ever used the Apple Maps then you know you should not use it and when coming from an Android device, you can’t resist installing the Google Maps app! It is Google’s own maps app which contains everything you wanted to travel in a single app; 3D map, navigations and even schedules for train and buses.


I know you like watching Game of Thrones and you watch it on your previous device without wasting a single minute. Well, you can do it on your iOS device too! Netflix app is free to download but need a small subscription to watch all the content you want; movies or TV shows at the same place. And guess what? The first month is free, You’re welcome!

Slacker Radio

Love Music? The App Store has the right app for you, Slacker Radio. It is a free music streaming app which let you listens to thousands of music for free. The app has gone through lots of improvements and polished well to be where it now is. It is free but you have to pay to remove ads and enable on demand listening.


SnapChat is the only social app which everyone uses and loves, all because of the story mode which eventually every other social networking app borrowed by now. The story mode lets you share a story with your friends which disappear after 24 hours. It doesn’t sound cool but it really is fun, you can only know by trying it.


Ok, now who among us can live without Facebook? No one right! So, here is the app which doesn’t need an explanation to literally anyone. Just download the app and get connected to your friends and share happiness among all. BTW Facebook recently got the new Story feature, go check it out.


Twitter is not an app to just have fun, it is not your traditional social network where you can post anything. Well, you can literally post anything but you shouldn’t. You should only post meaningful posts to it. Or if your paper didn’t arrive, you can read almost every news on Twitter by following the right person or page.

Weather Underground

You can say that it is just another weather app but no, it is a free weather app which can give you, even more, information about the current weather than the stock weather app. The rich data and perfect information provided by this app are fantastic. You should try this app first to know more about it, it is free.

Game Center

Games on macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS can take advantage of Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network. Game Center enables your users to track their best scores on a leaderboard, compare their achievements, invite friends to play a game, and start a multiplayer game through auto-matching.

ProCam 4

The default camera app in iPhone is very basic and if you are a professional photographer who use DSLR all the time to take pictures. And if you are always looking for Pro mode in your smartphone camera then ProCam 4 is the answer. This app got every single setting which you use to see on a professional camera.

Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a note-taking app but it is not an ordinary note taking and saving app. It comes with a widget which you can add to your notification bar or the lock screen to check it anywhere anytime without opening the app. This app is very handy if you forget little things in your hectic and busy schedule.


So, these were the best apps which you should install on your latest iPhone and make it more productive. If you are already tried some of the apps mentions here on some other platform then you know how helpful and basic these apps are. So, we are here just helping you reminding to install those apps on your brand new iPhone.

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