Top 11 Game review sites to follow in 2020

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of new games released every year. You possibly can’t know of all these games or play them all. You need to know which games are worth your time. This is the exact reason why game review sites exist. They provide information about games and also keep you updated about happenings in the gaming industry. Here are 11 game review sites to follow.


This is a gaming site that covers quality information in different continents and countries including India. IGN India focuses more on covering gaming events and news in India. It also writes about comics, movies, and technology.

It is a great place to get news and reviews on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation games, PC games, and iPhone games. You can also find expert reviews, news, cheat codes, previews, etc.

PC gamer

As the name suggests, PC Gamer focuses on PC games. Having been operating for over 20 years, PC Gamer has become a reliable site to get details about PC games. The site features PC games news, features, esports coverage, and game reviews. You can keep yourself updated daily on this site if you’re a lover of PC games.

App brain

App Brain focuses more on android applications. It offers promotion and monetization services for android app developers. The App intelligence section of the site also provides information about gaming apps and many other apps on Google Play. App Brain is the site for every app developer to promote their products and lovers of android apps.


Gurugamer is majorly a gaming website designed for Indian gamers. It covers almost all kinds of games, including PC games, Android games, and IOS games. Following Gurugamer will keep you updated with new games, game developers, trending game news, and entertainment news.

Online Casino Guide

Online Casino Guide is an Indian website that gives reliable reviews of various casino sites. You will find reviews about slots, casino games, and other information concerning the Indian online gambling industry. Every Indian online gambler can depend on this site for accurate information.

Gaming central

This is one of Indian’s reliable gaming sites. It covers virtually almost all games, ranging from mobile games, PC games, video games, casino games, etc. You can get reliable news and learn more about games from the site.

Indian video gamer

Talk of video games of different kinds, IVG (Indian Video Gamer) covers every aspect. The site provides game reviews, news, and previews. It also conducts pre-orders for new and upcoming games.


Digit is a website that deals squarely with technology. They have a wealth of information regarding mobile phones, PCs, new innovations, and much more. Digit provides expert opinion about gadgets, advises you on what to buy and how to get the most out of it.

The site also has a section for gaming where they feature PC games, mobile games, consoles, game news, and reviews. It is a great site to learn more about gaming gadgets and guidance concerning purchase and usage.


This is another site that features not only information about popular games but other unknown great games. The site covers iOS, Android, and PC games. You can get to learn about upcoming releases, read reviews, and learn tips and cheats on Gamezebo.


Gizbot is a technology site that covers news and reviews about laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets. They update readers with technology news and their reviews help to guide readers of the site.

AFK gaming

AFK Gaming focuses more on Asian esports, providing consistent coverage about teams, players, tournaments, and competitive video games. They provide original content and keep their readers updated about happenings in the Esports industry.